Hello There,
Ive purchased one of your kits through Limora. At the end with shipping it turned out better.  I really enjoy this kit  best made ever I would say.
Kind regards
H Smid.
To  those who are thinking of replacing your shocks.  I highly recommend trying Udo’s Billstein Conversion Kit.  I have had the original shocks in the car since I purchased it from the original owner in 1969.  I top up the shock oil every spring.  There were no significant leaks. 
I installed the conversion kit this summer and the difference was unbelievable.  With the original Armstrong shocks, whenever I went over a slight bump, the BJ8 literally jumped halfway across the road.  Now the car is very solid and I am not concerned that it will jump across the road when I drive somewhat spirited.  I highly recommend the conversion and am upset with myself for waiting so long to do it.