Dear Putzkes Fahrspass,

What can I say, these new shocks have given me a whole new car. My ’55 Austin Healey had many of the usual shimmies and shakes one would expect from a 45-year old car. You know, that bouncy-bouncy kind of ride. Pot holes jostled the car, some so bad the trunk would BANG against it’s latch. Freeway driving was strictly off-limits; any speeds over 60mph and the car would "drift".

Now I go looking for pot holes just to feel the difference. The car goes through and over them like my MR2. I can stop steering around them and changing to the "good lane", and on my drive home from the installation (on the back road next to the freeway) I glanced down to see I was going 65! The car still felt smooth and straight.

Now, I’m no race driver and I’ve never run a slalom, but I can recommend this shock system whole heartily based on just the improvement of the ride and road handling.

Brian Mix
Lake Forest, California

P.S. By the way, my tailpipe doesn’t bounce backing out of my driveway anymore.