Knock-off Hammer


A Mallet is a type of hammer with a head made of softer materials than the steel normally used in hammerheads, so as to avoid damaging a delicate surface.

A dead blow hammer is a specialized mallet helpful in minimizing damage to the struck surface and in controlling striking force with minimal rebound from the striking surface. The head of these hammers are commonly hollow and filled with sand or shot, which absorbs the impact of a strike, reducing the bounce-back.
Dead blow hammers have many uses. For example, in auto repair they are used for chassis work, dislodging stuck parts and hubcap installation and removal (e.g. knock-off hubs).

Our Dead blow hammer has lifetime warranty for the buyer. Not to compare with the $7.50 from Harb…… shop, throw-away style.

Why use this one on your Healey’s knock offs??? If you can use this one!!!  
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